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About me

A short history lesson

I was born on a Friday afternoon on September 24th, 1999. For my whole life, I have lived in Gemert, a small town in the South East of the Netherlands.

When I was 3 years old, I started my educational career in 2003 at the Berglarenschool in Gemert. Eight steady years later and I was prepared to take the next step. I went to Commanderij College in 2011, where I followed the vwo-level. That was finished in six years without too much trouble.

Nowadays, I am a student at Fontys, studying commercial economics in Eindhoven. Between September 2020 and February 2021, I temporarily switched Eindhoven for Tilburg, where I did the minor Transmedia Design for Creative Industries.

Free time

Luckily, I don’t spend all my time working or studying. In my free time, I like the ordinary things like meeting up with friends and drinking beer. However, these aren’t the only hobbies I have.

Back in 2010, I started playing badminton. Nowadays I also help facilitating the training for the new wave of youth wishing to develop themselves in the sport.

In 2015 I started volunteering at the local musical group named STEMP as a stage constructor and stage manager. Preperations for the second musical I was involved in started in 2017. That was when I was asked to design the backdrops shown during the performances. The next musical, to be played in 2021, will also feature my creations.

A short compilation of Shrek the Musical (2018), featuring backdrops made by me.

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