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The assignment

At New Heroes, the assignment on which I spent 20% of the time, was as follows: “How can New Heroes optimise the sales process of SMEs?”

SMEs are Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, companies with up to 250 employees. Differences within this segment are night and day. A local shop with ten employees classifies as an SME, but so does a big production factory with 240 employees.

So first, my challenge was in looking which segment of SME needed to be targeted. After this, a strategy was defined in the advice. I have interviewed New Heroes team members, as well as their customers about this matter. And, of course, desk research once again proved itself to be vital.

The final result cannot be shared on this public web page. But the internship in total, including research, advice, portfolio and presentation, was rewarded with a beautiful 8,1.

Apart from the research and advice, the portfolio is an important part of the internship. Scroll down on this page to read more about that.

The portfolio

The portfolio part of this internship is divided into three parts: developing relevant skills, level and relevance of tasks during the internship, and feedback of the company supervisor.

During the internship, Fontys wants to keep record of their students that are developing their skills. In commercial economics, there are eleven skills a student can develop her/himself in. Students are free to choose seven from these to report on while doing their internship.

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A regular day at New Heroes for me was all about joining the existing sales force, and supporting them wherever I could. Read more about that, and get a glimpse of my calender by pressing the button below.

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During the internship, my supervisor was asked to fill in a feedback form. These were filled in in week 6, 12, and 17 of the internship.

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