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Strategic marketing plan

For one semester, I was part of a projectgroup with three others. During this semester, PSV’s supporters association gave us two assignments. The first one was writing a strategic marketing plan.

The case itself was as followed: PSV’s supporters association had a mission statement saying their aim is to involve as many people as possible with PSV, each in their own way. Our goal was to match this statement to their actual policy, because the association made no difference at all between their members.

After extensive research on members and PSV fans, one pattern kept showing up. The biggest differences weren’t between age groups or gender, but in how often fans went to the stadium to watch the matches. Naturally, that is what we wanted to act on. The current offer was mainly focussed on the more active fans, while fans who just wanted to watch the matches on television had no real reason to join the association.

After creating two different packages that the association could offer their members, it was time to present our concept. As everyone in the semester had the same assignment, the presentations were done in classes where five groups would present their ideas to fellow students, a teacher and a representative of the association. The verdict of the teacher and representative was that our presentation was the best of the five groups that they had seen.


PSV’s supporters association also wanted to celebrate their one hundred year anniversary with a mini-festival. They asked us to come up with a marketing-communication plan, where we would need to make sure that as many people as possible knew about the anniversary and bought tickets to the festival.

We started with analysing the brand and defining the target group. After also having set the communication goals, the research part kicked off. We needed much information about the target group, different social media platforms and communication strategies.

Detailed content of the campaign can unfortunately not be shared. Luckily, I added a personal touch to our submission by making a quick-and-dirty promotional video that accompanied the campaign.

That video can be seen below.

Again, presentations were held for our own teachers and representatives of the association. This project was judged to be the best of our class yet again. But this time, there was an extra round of presentations, where the best group of each class would pitch their concepts. After a vote of fourteen judges, our project was viewed as the best one.

Honoured as we already were, the reward was an unforgettable experience. We were allowed to carry the centre circle-flag on the pitch. This happens right before kick-off at a football match and is a unique chance to be on the pitch within touching distance of the players.

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