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Campaign Synopsis & Customer Journey

Campaign Synopsis

A video surfaces of Leni Riefenstahl’s youth, up until her twenties. She wants to know how to reach an audience, now that she can’t dance anymore. That’s when she introduces the audience to her Instagram page.

On this Instagram page, she wants to share the work she’s doing, but is slowly forced into sharing Nazi propaganda. A part of this is her introduction of Avery Brundage. She asks her fans for help translating between Brundage and Joseph Goebbels, linking everyone to the newly released app.

When the Nazis trust her more and more, she regains some creative freedom, and shares that she lost her film (Das Blaue Licht). She hints about places she’s been in the past months, which should trigger people into searching at those places. App users also get a push notification about the launched scavenger hunt.

QR-codes will be scattered around in these cities. If people scan these codes, they will be referred to a webpage where they can download a part of the film. Also, a call-to-action about a subreddit will be made there, saying that the finders can contribute to compile the parts into the whole film.

The Reddit community then takes over, sharing ideas, timing and parts of the film. During this process, Leni is actively helping the community on her Instagram page. When completed, there will be a poll about the most contributing Redditors. The top hundred get free tickets to the new film and a goodie bag.

User Journey

User Journey